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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Key Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning



Carpet Cleaning Service tailored to your specific needs and requirements:

  • Flexible availability around business hours to avoid disruptions
  • Professional High Tech equipment
  • Top quality cleaning products used on each clean
  • Advanced spotting and stain removing techniques employed to rid your carpeting of stubborn stains
  • Fast drying time
  • Free no obligation quotes given on-site
  • Low Commercial Rates
  • Maintenance Programmes



Once we have  cleaned your office or building, you should consider setting up a maintenance program.  Doing this will keep the appearance of your carpets looking good continually  rather than going thru the cycle of letting the carpets getting more and more  soiled, till staff and clients complain about it appearance and or odours. Then  a heavy duty expensive restoration cleaning is needed. Which cannot repair the  damage from the wear and tear of that soil or remove permanent stains that were  buried under all that soiling that now stick out like a sore thumb right in the  middle of your high traffic area. It is far better to have us a set a simple  maintenance program to suit your time table and cleaning budget.

Our tech can walk  thru your building after having cleaned it once and layout a monthly or bi-monthly  or even an every 6 month cleaning program that will keep high traffic areas  from getting worn out prematurely & saving you thousands of dollars in  replacement; plus the inconvenience of closing the area and moving out for the  replacement. Having a cleaning schedule will also giving your employees and  valuable clients a clean, fresh environment to do business in all while  extending the life of your expensive carpets.


For example Below is a typical  example of a bi-monthly maintenance schedule:


The first Friday of every other  month, 15 minutes prior to closing we will arrive to clean;

  1. Steam clean front reception area  and main hallway to rear exit and lunch room
  2. Check all offices and spot clean as necessary
  3. Encapsulate 5 different offices every cleaning  (6 cleanings a year x 5 offices = your 30 offices)
  4. Twice per year pre vacuum and steam clean all  offices